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• 7/20/2014

Who's your favorite secondary character?

Hi everyone, let's start using this forum by talking about our favorite character besides the main ones!  (^o^)

As my name suggests, besides Kanoko, Yabuki and Tsubaki, my favorite character is Mizukami! He might not be a main character but I always love when he appears in a chapter and blushes when another guy makes an honest remark, haha.

What about you?

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• 7/22/2014

Yumemi is probably one my favorites! She is like the crazy fangirl in all of us! xD Every time I see her I laugh my butt off. I love how she's true to her desires. She's perfect LOL.

I want to see more of her.

• 11/13/2014

I love Otabe's character :) I hope we can see a lot more from him in the upcoming chapters. I also hope that he particpate in the war for Kanoko-chan's affections. It'd make everything much funnier and enjoyable for the viewers. Straightforward characters are alaways on the top of my list even if they are perverted characters. i love it that he is also a troublemaker and how much he values money. i love that his beauty is still hidden in those thick frame glasses. His appearance of a model student is a complete contrast to his true personality. i love how calculating and manipulative he is. hahah! I love him for many reasons :)

• 3/14/2015

I love Jouran, is so cool, I never think that he fall in love with Sayuri the 1st time he see her, and have a cool personality <3

• 8/10/2015

Like LiveBetter, I have to love Yumemi.  Her limitless imagination (as well as her incredibly cute looks) strikes a chord with me, and makes me a real fan.  The KNAN chapter where she injured her wrist trying to live up the the "Three Gals" expectations of her had me rolling.  She got into this top high school, so she's not an academic idiot (even though she doesn't have a high class average there), but she's so off the wall with her uncontrollable imaginative fantasies that she's a real breath of fresh air in manga-land, especially shoujo manga-land.  I also really appreciated her character before KDAD started, back in Warau Kanoko-Sama, as she had come from a rich family whose business failed, and she had to live in relative poverty in a single parent household.  That she was able to overcome that and be in a top high school speaks volumes about her underlying strength of character.  I think she ought to become a romantic novelist or a mangaka for shoujo manga.  

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