Jounoshin Yamada
Height 169cm
Weight 56kg
Blood Type B
Birthday April 16
Specialty Reading the atmosphere.
Weakness A gloomy atmosphere.
Family Mother • Father • Sister • Little Brother • Grandmother • Grandfather
School Status
High School Hanazakari All-Boys Private School
Grade 10th
Class 1 - 4
Other Recently got a dog.

Jounoshin Yamada (山田 丈之進 Yamada Jounoshin) is a middle school classmate of Kanoko, Haru, Momoka, and Touta. He's currently attending an all-boys' school with Touta.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yamada has average looks. He has dark eyes and hair and a slim body.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yamada is very good at reading the mood and will do his best to keep a smooth ambience during the group meetings.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kanoko Naedoko[edit | edit source]

Kanoko and yamada.png

Kanoko and Yamada have a good relationship. Yamada knows how to read the mood during their meetings and Kanoko notices this. During Kanoko's birthday Yamada noticed Kanoko had become cuter since their middle school days and joked about asking her to date him. They talk normally but aren't particularly close.

Haru Tsubaki[edit | edit source]

Tsubaki and yamada.png

Yamada is a huge fan of Tsubaki since middle school. He used to think Tsubaki was cold and hard to approach, but ever since has noticed how sweet and cool Tsubaki can really be.

Yamada is still surprised he's become his friend and will fangirl every time Tsubaki acknowledges him.

Reiko Kakitsubata[edit | edit source]

Reiko and yamada.png

Yamada and Reiko are fighting all the time but really understand each other. As Kanoko noticed, they always talk "eye to eye" and see each other as equals.

Yamada thinks that even though Reiko is a really pretty girl, she ruins it by speaking harshly. Reiko thinks Yamada is a lame boy, but still will inevitably end up hanging out with him.

Touta Natsukusa[edit | edit source]

Yamada and natsukusa.png

Yamada and Natsukusa go to the same high school and seem to be really close. Yamada will do anything in his power to help Natsukusa get closer to Momoka. Natsukusa was one of the few people to congratulate Yamada during his birthday.

Momoka Hanai[edit | edit source]

Yamada thinks Momoka is really cute and tries his best to help Natsukusa get closer to her. They don't talk much but Yamada is observant enough to know she was ostracized in middle school and to realize Momoka's feelings towards Kanoko.

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