Reiko Kakitsubata
Height 160cm
Weight 45kg
Blood Type B
Birthday December 23
Specialty Findings bands that are about to break up as fast as possible.
Weakness Ugliness • Dim-witted girls
Family Mother • Father
School Status
High School St. Marybell All-Girls Private School
Grade 10th
Class 1 - A
Other Has a part-time job.
Reiko Kakitsubata (杜若 麗子 Kakitsubata Reiko) is a middle school classmate of Kanoko, Haru, Momoka, Natsuka, and Yamada. She's currently attending an all-girls school with Momoka.


Reiko is a really attractive girl with purple hair and eyes.


Reiko has a bad personality and will harshly speak to others. She doesn't moderate her speech, letting others know exactly what she's thinking, except when it comes to cute guys, then she'll start acting cutesy.

Despite being harsh most of the time, she really appreciates her friendship with Kanoko and the others; when the trip to the hot springs was cancelled, she begged her parents to call Naedoko's parents and try to change their mind. In the end the trip became a reality because Reiko's parents noticed how happy she was to have been invited.


Kanoko NaedokoEdit

Kanoko and reiko
Kanoko and Reiko seemed to only hang out together because they had the same circle of friends in the beginning, but have grown closer since then. After spending the day together during Natsukusa and Yamada's school festival and interacting using their real personalities, Kanoko started thinking of Reiko as one of her friends.

Haru TsubakiEdit

Reiko thinks Tsubaki is very handsome, so when she wants cute guys to come close to her, she makes sure he isn't close enough to intimidate them.

Jounoshin YamadaEdit

Reiko and yamada
Yamada and Reiko are fighting all the time but really understand each other. As Kanoko noticed, they always talk "eye to eye" and see each other as equals.

Yamada thinks that even though Reiko is a really pretty girl, she ruins it by speaking harshly. Reiko thinks Yamada is a lame boy, but still will inevitably end up hanging out with him.

Momoka HanaiEdit

Momoka and reiko
Reiko and Momoka were always ostracized by other girls during their middle school years and when Reiko transferred to Tomigaoka they seem to have become close. They go to the same high school and even though Reiko is harsh when she speaks about Momoka, she seems to really appreciate her friendship with Momoka and the others.

Touta NatsukusaEdit

Reiko thinks Natsukusa is really attractive but they don't talk much.

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