Koi nashi Ai nashi (恋なし愛なし) Short comedy spin-off for Koi Dano Ai Dano, follow the quirky adventures of Kanoko and her high school classmates and teachers!

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Chapter 01Edit

The people surrouding Kanoko and Tsubaki are all very interesting!

Chapter 02Edit

And now, love ♥ for the club leader. Okyou-Senpai's story • The 2nd Year Newspaper Club Member.

Chapter 03Edit

This time, the story of Kanoko's friends from Middle School, Yamada and Kakitsubata-san ♥

Chapter 04Edit

What is the true face of Hoshino Kiriko, "The Dual Blade Kiriko"?!

Chapter 05 Edit

The third years of Takara High...! Touching upon their pasts!

Chapter 06 Edit

I have a large present for that person...!

Chapter 07 Edit

An enthusiastic supporter of Tsubaki and Kanoko's love?! Yumemi-san's story♥

Chapter 08 Edit

Okyou-senpai's best friend, Shingyouji-san. What's behind her smile?!

Chapter 09 Edit

Angel's discovery?!!

Chapter 10 Edit

Vice-President Mizukami and President Yabuki's first meeting...?!

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