Korekiyo Mizukami
Height 178cm
Weight 60kg
Blood Type AB
Birthday November 3
Specialty Ending crises
Weakness Dealing with troublesome things
Family Father • Mother • 2 older sisters • Grandmother
School Status
High School Takara no Tani
Grade 12th grade
Class 3 - E
Clubs Student Council
Other He's always pretending to be a nice guy
Korekiyo Mizukami (水上是清 Mizukami Korekiyo) is the Student Council's Vice President and Yabuki's close friend.


Mizukami is tall, thin, has brown hair and is fairly good looking. When he brushes his hair in a different way and wears glasses, he looks similar to Otabe, even fooling some teachers. He is always smiling.


Even though Mizukami gives off a "good guy" feeling, he's pretending most of the time and won't hesitate to manipulate others in order to achieve his goals. If he knows something about others, he'll try to use it to his advantage. Even though he looks like a weak guy, he's very athletic.


You YabukiEdit

Mizukami is Yabuki’s closest friend and refers to him as “You-chan”. They met when Mizukami overheard Yabuki rejecting Otabe’s proposal and Mizukami thought the reason Yabuki gave was interesting, so he started talking to him.

They seem to know each other well and go home together after school. He is the person Yabuki trusts the most, and it is shown when he discussed strategies openly with him in the room, and wanted him to become his vice president.

When Mizukami tells Yabuki he didn't entered the Student Council Room on purpose so he and Kanoko could be alone, Yabuki tells him he's interested in Kanoko, but not in the way Mizukami believes. Mizukami refutes this saying he looks at her with affectionate eyes and Yabuki tells him he also looks that way at Mizukami. Mizukami is surprised by this and Yabuki lets him know that he's always keeping tabs on him hoping to see him striving hard at more things. Mizukami is too embarassed to say anything after that.

Haru TsubakiEdit

Mizukami is friendly with Tsubaki and knows that he likes Kanoko so they can openly talk about it. When Mizukami suspects Yabuki has an interest in Kanoko, he teams with Tsubaki to leave Yabuki and Kanoko alone.

Kanoko NaedokoEdit

Initially, Kanoko fools Mizukami into thinking she's a helpless girl, however, after their Old Maid game, he realizes her true nature and warns Yabuki about it.

Both Mizukami and Kanoko are seen as the "jokers" in the Student Council, whose actions can't be predicted.

After noticing Yabuki's interest in Kanoko, Mizukami tries to leave them alone by taking Tsubaki with him.

Sayuri HimenoEdit

When they're alone, Mizukami likes to ask Sayuri things that will upset her, such as the reason she left the Broadcasting Club, because of this, Sayuri doesn't like to spend time with him.

Aruto OtabeEdit

When Mizukami realizes that Yabuki is concerned about the upcoming elections, he makes a deal with Otabe in which Otabe will run for the Presidency in exchange of Mizukami doing his extra school work, knowing that this way Yabuki will run as well to stop him from winning. When Mizukami brushes his hair differently and wears glasses, they look alike enough to fool some people. Otabe thinks Mizukami enjoys manipulating others.

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