Mitsuki Ouji
Height 178cm
Weight 58kg
Blood Type O
Birthday August 24
Specialty Memorization
Weakness Can't drink carbonated beverages
Family Father
School Status
High School Takara no Tani
Grade 11th Grade
Class 2 - C
Clubs Broadcasting Club
Other Thinks Tsubaki is a player
Mitsuki Ouji (央路じ 光希 Ouji Mitsuki) is a member of the Broadcasting Club, has won the beauty pageant two consecutive years and is a close friend of Hijiri and Sayuri.




Hijiri JouranEdit

Ouji and Hijiri went to the same cram school in middle school and seem to be very close. Ouji regards him and Sayuri as his best friends. Hijiri is strong-minded but somehow ends up going along with Ouji's petitions, Sayuri tells Hijiri he is always spoiling Ouji.

Sayuri HimenoEdit

Ouji is in love with Sayuri, but knows that Sayuri likes Hijiri. He considers Sayuri and Hijiri his best friends and will do anything he can to protect and help them. When Tsubaki tries to use Ouji for one of Kanoko's schemes, Sayuri asks him to stop messing with him.

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