The Newspaper Club was once one of the most prominent clubs and had a high influence on the school; however, once the Broadcasting became popular most of the members left the club, with the exception of the treasurer (Kyouko Shinonome) and the Club Leader (Hitoyoshi).
When they were in danger of being disbanded, Kyouko found Kanoko and tricked her (with Tsubaki's help) into joining as a "great strategist".

After Kanoko joins the club, the club gains notoriety once again, becoming one of the three most important Clubs along with the Broadcasting and Computer Club.

Current MembersEdit

Shuichirou HitoyoshiEdit

Club Leader.

Kyouko ShinonomeEdit

Treasurer (Will become Leader next year)

Kanoko NaedokoEdit

The mastermind behind the club's sudden rise.

Haru Tsubaki Edit

The Club's strong card.

Relations with other clubsEdit

Broadcasting ClubEdit

Student CouncilEdit

Computer ClubEdit

Photography ClubEdit

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