Noriko Nogiku
Height 160cm
Weight 47kg
Blood Type A
Birthday May 29
Specialty Speed reading
Weakness People who break rules
Relationships Starts an alliance with Hitomi Yumemi
Family Father • Mother • Older sister
School Status
High School Takara no Tani
Grade 10th
Class 1 - E
Other Likes Tsubaki

A first year girl in Takara no Tani, that secretly admires and is in love with Tsubaki. She's jealous of Kanoko and thinks she's blackmailing him, like Kanoko did with her. She later forms an alliance with Hitomi thinking they were both going to save Tsubaki from Kanoko, not knowing that Hitomi was a Tsubaki-sama x Naedoko-san fangirl.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Noriko has black hair that reaches to below the shoulders, which is always laced with a ponytail.

She has always been seen wearing her uniform of Takara no Tani even in the cultural festival.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Noriko have a bad personality.

When she's with her friends often conceal this fact, especially about her feelings for Haru, making it look like a girl who does not care for any guy, but that's not really true.

Noriko is often altered when she is with Kanoko, showing aversion and hatred, as well as people seem annoying like Mary & Rui.

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